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The Nevis Bluff Blacklist is a select group of people who enjoy drinking award-winning wine.
They act as our ambassadors, and in turn are able to source exclusive aged wines at favourable pricing along with the opportunity to participate in select offerings unique to Nevis Bluff.

The Blacklist concept grew from the desire of the Nevis Bluff owners to offer mates rates to our friends and families. As you know, Nevis Bluff is hard to get hold of. It's only sold in high-end restaurants (we don't destroy our brand through bottle shops and supermarkets), and given we couldn't charge our mates retail, especially when they were recommending our wines, the Blacklist evolved.

We have gradually formalised this process and have created a marketing program with mutual benefits for Nevis Bluff and for those who are happy to showcase our wines.

Membership isn't for everyone – and we do prefer members to be recommended. Any philistines who haven't yet discovered the wonderful subtlety of sharing Pinot excellence; please don't apply!

Pricing is exclusive to Blacklist members and availability is limited.

With only a maximum of 2,000 cases of each variety made annually, the vast majority is sold to our restaurant partners, leaving just enough for our select Blacklist.

All Blacklist members are entitled to one case per six months (though if supply allows they may apply to purchase additional cases). Members indicate which variety they wish to receive every six months: Pinot Noir vintage, Pinot Gris, or a mixed dozen. The rest happens automatically. We email members prior to the second and subsequent deliveries to check that delivery details are still correct, and to ensure that they wish to keep their positions on the Blacklist.

Our Queenstown Blacklist dinner, held each spring, is used to compare both past and future vintages. As ambassadors of our wine we value our member's opinions. This event is largely subsidised by Nevis Bluff and all Blacklist members are invited.

Hope to see you in Queenstown!
Cheers for now,

P.S. As with all things exclusive, there are protocols to be observed. The Blacklist is a private offering to a small discreet group, who out of respect for our commercial partners do not bandy these prices about in public. Those found doing so have been known to be kicked off the list, hung and quartered.
• The ability to purchase Nevis Bluff award wine at exclusive Blacklist prices.

• Invitations to Nevis Bluff Blacklist events such as, wine tastings, Queenstown Winemaker's Dinner, celebrity luncheons, exclusive offers, competitions.

• Nevis Bluff newsletters outlining the current inside story on the NZ wine industry.

To become a Blacklist member complete our application form ensuring you are recommended by an existing member...

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