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Ten Years of Production at Nevis Bluff
Become a friend of Nevis Bluff. When you next buy your favourite bottle of Nevis Bluff, you may notice something different about the label. We have attached a nifty sleeve to the bottle, which after opening the tab, will reveal one of our Little Black Books.

Contained within these books, among other things, are wine tips, astonishing pieces of trivia, and questionable attempts at humour. More importantly, they also give you the chance to become a friend of Nevis Bluff, get a complimentary bottle of wine, and gain access to wine specials and promotions.

There are currently three new books in circulation, The Little Black Book of the Silver Screen and The Little Black Book of Arty Facts. Our previous offerings include The Little Black Book of Business Legends and The Little Black Book of Political Prose. We also have the newly minted Little Black Book of Rugby.


This is how it works
Each book has its own unique pin number printed on the inside back cover. You can only enter the pin number once, and only one entry per book and delivery address. Please note this refers to the Little Black Book of Art or Silver Screen Legends only.

Receive a complimentary bottle of wine for your trouble
Simply furnish us with your email address, pay NZ$9.50 packaging and courier fee and for that we will send you a bottle of Nevis Bluff wine in a limited edition gift case.

The book and its unique pin number allows for the redemption of one bottle of wine per book and delivery address. This promotion is for New Zealand based addresses only so if you live in Australia or Timbuktu this promotion is unfortunately not for you. You must be 18 years of age or over to participate in this promotion.

Once you are on our database, we won't do two things;
1) We won't give this address to anyone else. In fact, it will remain a closely guarded secret.
2) We won't harass with you an ongoing email marketing assault. Instead, there will be the occasional chance to win a box of wine by simply identifying some unique Nevis Bluff scenes, and a biannual opportunity to buy wine at 'mates rates.'

We won't email you unless we have a really good reason
We like friendships to last. So if you have your unique pin number become a friend and let's get cracking.
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